N-(4-Acetamidophenyl)-indomethacin Amide

CAS 번호 :

TRC 제품번호 : A161150

이명 : N-(4-Acetamidophenyl)-1-p-chlorobenzoyl-5-methoxy-2-methylindole-3-acetamide

포장단위 : 50mg, 500mg

Category : Inhibitors

Application Notes : An aromatic amide of indomethacin recently reported to be a potent and selective reversible inhibitor of COX-2.  Inhibits human recombinant and ovine COX-2 with IC50 of 0.1 uM and 0.625 uM, respectively.

References : Kalgutkar, A.S., et al.: J. Med. Chem., 43, 2860 (2000)

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