CAS 번호 : 460-07-1

TRC 제품번호 : A174000

이명 : AEI

포장단위 : 1ml, 10ml

Category : Miscellaneous Reagents

Application Notes : AEI  is suitable for the inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) and poliovirus for the preparation of virus vaccines.  AEI inactivation of FMDV and poliovirus is demonstrated without impairing the biological properties of several proteins under conditions which render the viruses inocuous.  AEI-inactivated FMDV is adsorbed and uncoated by BHK cells as efficiently as untreated virus, indicating that any viral proteins involved in the attachment and uncoating process are unaffected by imine inactivation.

References : Biologicals, 26, 39 (1998)

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